Privacy Concerns

Main things to remember:

  1. No one should use this site to harass or otherwise bother any member of our class.
  2. No one should use this site to send spam type messages.

If you have any concerns please contact the Site Administrator.


Betty Hay Sims of the CHS Class of 1968 composed the following message about the important issue of privacy:


More than one classmate has reported his/her ability to review classmate profiles directly from a web search engine. There are a couple of reasons this may be occuring, so it is important that you review your options and make sure your profile is secured in the manner you prefer.

You have the option of letting your profile be visible to the world or limiting your profile to registered members of our class website.   If you go to the class website, take a look at the classmate profiles listing.  If there is an icon of a lock beside your name, it is only visible to registered classmates.   If on the other hand, you do not see the the lock, your profile can be accessed by anyone browsing the site, or who can find you using a web search. 

To protect your information, we strongly recommend that you lock your information by checking the security box in your user profile pages.  

The default for the site is to have your page visible to registered users only, but from time to time that little box may be accidentally unchecked. 

IF there is a lock beside your name and you can move from a search engine directly to your profile, it could mean that your browser is remembering your user name and password to the site.

Finally, if you have posted your profile on one of our sister class websites (cooper1967 or cooper69)  be sure to check for that lock next to your name on their sites as well. 

We appreciate the information you have been sending our way about this issue - keep it coming whenever you find something that seems not right.

Betty Hay Sims